Counselor Responsibilities

For the PGSS Application

As part of applying to the PGSS program, students are required to have their school counselor complete a recommendation. This portion of the application is now entirely online. Your student(s) will provide your email address during the application process, which will trigger a link to be sent to your email address from our online application portal. Please do not share that link with your student(s), as that link acts as a password and allows for editing and submission of the counselor recommendation.

Once you receive the link, you will be allowed to begin (or make changes to) the recommendation at any time up to the application deadline, which is Wednesday, January 31, 11:59PM. Students will not be allowed to submit their application until this recommendation is complete. While students are automatically notified when this portion is completed by you, it might be good to notify them personally in case they missed the email from our application portal.

The recommendation portion for counselors contains these items:

Note: PSAT/SAT/ACT scores will not be used due to difficulty in scheduling for many students in the wake of COVID-19.

Fields which are not applicable to your school (such as class rank, in some cases) are not required. If you have questions or concerns, you can email us at